Free Diallers for your PC/ Laptop or Mobile Phone

PC2Phone2 Our own software dialler is a FREE piece of software that you download onto your PC or your mobile or 4G device from the internet, which allows you to make calls. As you can see, the front of the PC2Phone dialler (pictured) looks like a mobile phone and you use your mouse or keyboard to select the numbers for dialling. You also have a phonebook and simple call log for numbers dialled before - and a redial facility. The easy-VOIP version is a high quality SIP dialler using all popular codecs including G723 and G729 - Download our PC dialler from this link.

The following are other available dialler for you to try:

Symbian/ Nokia

easy-dial -
Nimbuzz -
Vippie -


Nimbuzz - -
Callpoint -

VoIP/ SIP Call 2.0 -

All these available by searching the App Store:-
Media5-fone from Media5 Corporation
iPico from MailVision Ltd
iSIP from VNET Corporation
WeePhone from Justin Bray
Acrobits Softphone from Acrobits
Nimbuzz -
ARKFone -
List of other available iPhone diallers


VoipSwith -
Nimbuzz -

Blackvoib -
Vbuzzer -

Windows Mobile

Nimbuzz -
Linphone -

Windows PC
Nimbuzz -