How to use easy-voip

You can use your easy-VOIP account with your PC or lap-top - or other device -in a number of ways. The main way is by using our easy-VOIP software dialler. Other devices connect to your PC, including SIP USB Phones which use a USB port.

To use the dialler, you must download the dialler software. Once downloaded, paste into the temporary window shown the account number/username and password provided when you apply for an account . Please also ensure that your router or OS firewall allows access to the software.

Once correctly installed, you should get the image of the dialler on your screen - as shown on the top right of this page, and at the bottom it will show "ready for call". Please follow the instructions on-screen ("audio" button) to adjust your PC speakers and Microphone levels.The easy-VOIP dialler has inbuilt VPN software to counter attempts to block calls. The main screen will show you the number you are calling, the rate applying, the maximum time left, the destination and the call cost.

Other facilities on the dialler include personal settings, an audio wizard to help with audio settings, "hold" facility, a phone book so you can store frequently dialled numbers. call records, and call rates to any destination you enter into the window (just enter the international code). Detailed account infomation is also available with the account set up instructions that are sent to you when you have successfully applied for an account.