Basic Equipment needed

New dialler - with inbuilt VPN FROM YOUR PC OR LAPTOP

The software dialler is a piece of software that you download onto your PC from the internet, which allows you to make calls. As you can see, the front looks like a mobile phone and you use your mouse or keyboard to select the numbers for dialling. You also have a phonebook and simple call log for numbers dialled before - and a redial facility. The easy-VOIP version is a high quality SIP dialler with inbuilt VPN functionality and using all popular codecs including G723 and G729 - Download the dialler from this link.. If you are running Windows VISTA, then please download the dialler from the VISTA dialler link. We also have a mobile dialers
easyVOIP IAX/SIP Gateway

The easyVOIP Gateway is an Analogue Telephone Adapter which connects your ordinary phone or DECT phone to your PC router. It retails at around $50 from approved distributors. An added feature is that if your broadband supplier is blocking VOIP calls, the IAX protocol makes it less likely that calls can be blocked. Ideal for the home or office. For more information, click here
IAX VOIP Gateway - click for more info
Budget Tone 100 SIP phone USING A SIP PHONE

The Budget Tone 100s (left) are special IP phones and also Grandstream products which plug directly into your internet router, giving you advanced handset functions Ideal for the home or office.

Click on the phone images to go to the manufacturers web site. Once Installed, follow the instructions to set up these devices. Your easy-VOIP Account details will give you the server IP Address you need to set up the SIP phone device together with the Username /Password or PIN

NB We do not warrant that all products mentioned here will perform correctly